Lose Weight

Do you want to lose some weight? Are you exercising but not reaching your goals? Are you experiencing the yo-yo effect? You are not alone! Losing weight is a process and most people need a trainer, professional advice and a training schedule. To change your daily routine takes discipline, perserverance and determination. If you have these qualities, DAILY FIT can help you reach your goals. DAILY FIT has as an unique approach, Together we will take a look at your hormonal balance and create a workout schedule and nutritional (and supplements) advice. With this method you will experience that losing weight is possible and it will motivate you to reach your ultimate goal.

‘By creating a workout schedule and nutritional advice we can increase your metabolism and create a healthy balance. We believe that the combination of exercising and healthy nutrition is crucial in reaching your goals.’

A good muscle percentage will increase your metabolism, That is why working on this percentage is very important in the ‘Lose Weight’ membership. Cardio is not the answer in losing weight, training with weights is. This program therefore focusses on muscle growth.

After the intake (including a ’12-punts huidplooimeting’) a personal advise is given (training, nutrition and supplements). With the advise it will become possible to reach your goals of a better body composition.

‘With ‘body composition’ we mean the ratio between the muscle and fat percentage. For a better ‘body composition’ we want to increase muscle growth and reduce the body fat.’