Lose Weight

Do you want to lose some weight? Are you exercising but not reaching your goals? Are you experiencing the yo-yo effect? You are not alone! Losing weight is a process and most people need a trainer, professional advice and a training schedule. DAILY FIT has as an unique approach, Together we will take a look at your hormonal balance and create a workout schedule and nutritional (and supplements) advice. With this method you will experience that losing weight is possible and it will motivate you to reach your ultimate goal.

‘By creating a workout schedule and nutritional advice we can increase your metabolism and create a healthy balance. We believe that the combination of exercising and healthy nutrition is crucial in reaching your goals.’

After the intake (including a ’12-punts huidplooimeting’) a personal advise is given (training, nutrition and supplements). With the advise it will become possible to reach your goals of a better body composition.

‘With ‘body composition’ we mean the ratio between the muscle and fat percentage. For a better ‘body composition’ we want to increase muscle growth and reduce the body fat.’