DAILY FIT is the right place in The Hague to reach your sport goals. At the gym of InTension and our Outdoor Playgrounds you can start a membership in Personal Training or Bootcamp Training.

The memberships (Personal Training) are especially made for the needs of all kinds of athletes. Click the button ‘Personal Training’ and get to know more about the memberships: Lose Weight, Woman’s Shape, Healthy Hormonal Balance, Men Physique, Athlete, Get Strong Again, Sport for 10+. DAILY FIT also offers Cross Training, an intense group workout at different locations in The Hague.

DAILY FIT approach

DAILY FIT will take a look at your current situation and will set your goals for the future. All memberships include an intake and the Personal Hormonal Profile ( ‘80 vragenlijst/12 punts huidplooimeting’). With the help of the intake and personal hormonal profile an advice is being given (personal training schedule, nutritional plan and supplements advice). No matter what your goal is (losing weight, getting strong again, growing muscles) the hormonal balance will help you reach your goals. Learn more about the memberships and choose the one that fits your needs.

Hormonal Balance

Hormones regulate your metabolism, appetite, (muscle) strength, body weight and, most importantly, how you feel. These hormones are being produced by our own body:

  • Testosteron
  • Cortisol
  • Growth hormone
  • Estrogen
  • Thyroid
  • Insulin hormoon

Everything is about the hormonal balance. By creating a workout schedule and nutritional advice we can increase your metabolism and create a healthy balance. We believe that the combination of exercising and healthy nutrition is crucial in reaching your goals. This hormonal balance will increase your mental health as well. Many athletes experienced that balancing your hormones will cause an improved night’s rest, a reduction of stress and an improvement in your energy level and concentration.

Would you like to try a free trial lesson or more information about the memberships? Get in touch with DAILY FIT and start a healthy lifestyle today!